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iToolBox Database Modernization for IBM i

Move your DDS based files into the future, using iDM to make the transition to SQL easier. A seamless transition to a refreshed data base with new capabilities that doesn't require recompiling all the programs is possible with the right tools. iDM will do the grunt work for you.

Every business needs to be able to adapt to changing requirements as quickly as possible. When the data base is converted to SQL using this technique, the applications are no longer holding back the business. The tables are free from the shackles of programs linked to their level check id. New data elements can be added to the tables at any time without having to recompile the applications. The business gains flexibility.

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After modernization, new fields can be added to the tables without changing or compiling your RPG programs

iDM makes your transition to a more modern SQL defined data base easier by automating the tasks of generating the new SQL DDL, replacement surrogate logical files, programs to create files from source, and programs to migrate the data into the new SQL data base.

iDM generally follows the playbook described in the IBM RedBook on how to modernize your data base. This method ensures a seamless transition without the need for recompiling applications.


  • Create a replacement DDL defined table for a DDS defined PF

  • Create a surrogate LF with matching format level to the original PF

  • Create DDL defined indexes for each LF

  • Create LFs after the indexes so they share the higher performance indexes

iDM was designed specifically to aid a common driver of data base modernization projects: a need to add new fields or alter existing ones. And it doesn't require access to the original DDS source.

Automated Steps to Modernization

  • Converts all or select list of PFs and LFs

  • Generates SQL DDL for tables

  • Generates surrogate LF for original PF

  • Generates programs to create DB objects from source

  • Generates programs to migrate data to new objects

Automated process manages the three requirements

  • Modernize (Convert to SQL DDL based tables)

  • Maintain backward compatibility

  • Enhance with new and/or enlarged fields


Open Source License

  • Not locked in to vendor

  • Use it over and over without paying a license fee

  • Customize to suite your needs


Add or change fields during modernization process

  • iDM was designed specifically to aid a common driver of data base modernization projects: a need to add new fields or alter existing ones.


Auto-enhance tables

  • Inject new fields or change fields

  • Auto-detect field naming prefixing for use on new fields

  • Can auto-add Row Id fields to tables

  • Can auto-add user and timestamp audit fields (created and changed)

  • Can standardize field labels

  • Can auto-generate long field names


No DDS source for original DB required

  • All new source is generated for all involved files


Manages, monitors & displays data migration progress

  • Migrating existing data into the new data base can take a long time. iDM builds custom migration programs to make this process easier and user configurable. A program displays the progress, showing each file and how many records have been copied.

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