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This is a list of tools I have used or created. Each entry has comments about the tool and links back to its origin along with links for documentation, and in many cases a local download from this site.  Tools used over the years have gone “out of print” as it were. The original author or company no longer maintains a web site or download location to get it from.

One of my rules for maintaining PCs is to never load software you don’t have the install package for. I am not referring to downloaders, but the actual install package. This is sometimes more difficult to get from vendors, but an absolute requirement when you need to re-install a piece of software on a new or reloaded PC. AND in many cases having the original version of a program you started working with is a requirement because the program may have changed in some way in newer releases that dropped or negatively impacted its functionality. Which has been the case with every software product or company Symantec has ever purchased, such as GoBack and AtGuard.

The tools I have used over the three decades of programming on the IBM i and PCs cover a vast array of solutions. To help in locating useful items categories have been created to organize them along with using keywords in their titles.

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